New features
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BikeMessenger24 New App
October 2023


Your account will be deleted now – so you have to register again. Today, we want to inform you about some significant changes at BikeMessenger24 based on your valuable feedback and needs. We carefully analyzed the results of the survey conducted on January 8, 2023, and have further developed the app to align with your wishes.  The old app will no longer be valid and can be deleted. To make use of the new features, a re-registration is required.

The new app can be downloaded for: 

The new registration can be done directly through the new app.

New Fee Structure:
Until now, BikeMessenger24 has been free to use. However, we´ve noticed that this has led to less reputable couriers joining our platform, resulting in unreliable services and disappointed customers. In addition, we have a problem with AI bots that abuse our platform for their wrong advertising purposes. To ensure the quality and professionalism of the couriers, we are introducing a monthly usage fee of $30 (only $30 exclusive for the first 500 Users)  for our app starting immediately. You can, of course cancel this fee on a monthly basis if you no longer wish to use the BikeMessenger24 app.

New Features and Improvements

  • New Profiledesign + Expanded Profile Information 
    New Profiledesign + Customers can now find Information about your maximum capacity and other relevant details directly and much more informations.
  • Whatsapp
    You can now enable direct customer contact via WhatsApp. Please include your country code (e.g., America: +1) so that customers can reach out to you directly via WhatsApp.
    Do you prefer direct contact via phone or email? This is still possible.
  • Service Types
    We now offer additional service types: Please specify whether you provide your courier service using a bicycle, cargo bike, car, scooter or rickshaw. You will appear with the selected service type with an icon on BikeMessenger24 Live Map while you are logged in your app.

We are confident that the change will significantly hinder access for providers that are not reputable, while bringing in a significantly higher number of orders for those who are reputable and operate honestly. Additionally, this allows us to expand our advertising materials. 


The new app can be downloaded for: