Important information for drivers

1. Information for 24-hour emergency couriers

2. Information for food couriers / delivery couriers

3. Prices

4. Order processing

1. Important Informations for 24 h Emergency Messengers

With urgent medication, you should always carry a small bag around your neck – indicating the target person / destination – so that the police or ambulance know directly in case of an accident by or with you.

2. Important information for food couriers / delivery couriers:

Do I have a professional transport equipment (a courier backpack and a food box), which guarantees that goods of all kinds, These include, among others: Food safe, weatherproof and without being shaken or leaked, can be transported?

We have offers from suppliers that offer professional courier equipment and which would give you a small discount (about 10-20%) – more information for foodbagpacks:

 >> Cooperationpartner Radkurier24

Do I have my own cell phone number explicitly for my job as a Radkurier?

3. What is my price list?

Customers want transparent prices, no hidden additional costs / variable. More information under this video.

Calls with a suppressed / blocked number should not be answered, since the risk of fake booking requests is too high here. It is best to agree in writing via SMS or GDPR -compliant messengers of your choice. Then, misunderstandings can be prevented.

4. Order processing

For each order, the following questions must be clarified with the customer in advance.



From where to where?

When picked up?

When delivered?

Your price!

A short confirmation of your customer via SMS + confirmation of you by SMS