General terms and conditions
By using the services of (hereinafter referred to as “operator”), you agree to the General Terms and Conditions (gtc) listed here. The offer of is aimed exclusively at persons who are considered to be of legal age before the law. The gtc can be changed or adapted at any time and without stating reasons.

Contact seeker = website visitor
Advertiser = Courier – on this one called BikeMessenger – who advertises with a Sedcard for his independent courier activity – with which he introduces himself to the contact seekers (website visitors).

I. Conditions for contact seekers
Contact seekers are persons (website visitors) who are looking for a BikeMessenger on and do not enter into a direct contractual relationship with the operator of BikeMessenger24.

I.1 Scope of services
The operator provides a platform on the Internet through which contact seekers (website visitors) can directly contact an independently working courier (also called BikeMessenger = advertiser).
The operator does not receive any commission from the advertisers! The establishment of contact happens directly between contact seekers (homepage visitors) and advertisers (couriers called bikemessenger) – the operator has technically no possibilities into the email mailbox or on the mobile phone of the courier to look. Thus each establishment of contact happens actually directly to the advertiser (bikemessenger)! This guarantees the highest level of discretion and data protection.
The operator makes a free App available for all bikemessenger (advertisers – independently working couriers) of bikemessenger24, with which they can let themselves the contact-looking for on with your current location on a virtual Google Maps city map by means of GPS the current status (available or on tour) indicate. For this a Google API interface is used.
Each bikemessenger can change his current phone number, his email address and his name independently in this app and press the button: “Start tracking” to transfer his current location every 5 minutes.
As soon as the bikemessenger logs out of the app, its location is no longer transferred to
This app is NOT for contact seekers (website visitors), but exclusively for listed bikemessengere to show their own availability including current location.
The provision of is free both for contact seekers (website visitors) and the Bikemessenger (advertisers).
Beyond the establishment of contact (of the web page visitor to the advertiser) agreements are incumbent exclusively on the contact seekers (web page visitors) and the advertisers (bikemessengeren).

I.1.a Deregistration, termination, contract termination
An advertiser is entitled to unsubscribe at any time without giving reasons in writing or by e-mail or SMS. The data record stored for the member’s profile will be deleted upon cancellation. The previously concluded contractual relationship is hereby terminated.
In the profile or other areas of the portal intentionally, with fraudulent intent false information or the use of copyrighted images, may result in civil action. Furthermore, the operator reserves the right to dissolve the existing contractual relationship with immediate effect in such a case as well as in the case of determination of lacking character suitability. The profile will be deleted immediately.

I.2 Liability of the operator
The operator assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content of the information in the profiles of advertisers (bikemessenger). Likewise no liability is taken over for a possible abuse of information which Bikemessenger receives from your customers. The operator tries to protect himself as best as possible, this includes a conversation with the future advertiser (bikemessenger). For economic, physical or immaterial damages any liability is rejected, which results from the use of the establishment of contact mediated with this service.
We point out that possible contractual relationships are concluded directly with the Bikemessenger and we are not liable for claims of third parties, no matter for what legal reason they may have arisen.


I.3 Conclusion of a contract
No contractual relationship results between the operator and the contact seeker from the use of the services of the portal. A contractual relationship can only be concluded with the respective advertiser (bikemessenger).

I.4 Free use
The use of is free for visitors of the website, bikemessenger and agencies.

II. conditions for advertisers
Advertisers are persons who advertise their usual services for a bikemessenger in general by means of a profile on

II.1 Availability of the service
The operator makes every effort to ensure proper operation of the service at all times. However, neither the uninterrupted accessibility of the portal is guaranteed nor is the operator liable for technically caused transmission delays or failures. For example, technical malfunctions or necessary maintenance work may result in a temporary interruption of the service.
The operator is not liable for the unauthorized acquisition of personal user data by third parties (e.g. through unauthorized access of third parties to the database). Nor can the operator be held liable for the misuse by third parties of data and information which the users themselves have made accessible.

II.2 Transfer of rights
The operator reserves the right to optimize transmitted texts and photos for use on the portal.
By submitting texts and photos, the advertiser grants the operator the right to use the pictures and texts for publication on and the social media channels of BikeMessenger24 . This right of use can always be revoked and ends automatically at the end of the contractual relationship between the advertiser and the operator. However, the operator must be granted a reasonable period of time to remove the data from the portal.
Furthermore, the advertiser assures that he owns the rights to publication and processing of all data transmitted by him (in particular texts and images) and that he does not infringe the rights of third parties. Should the advertiser violate this, the profile will be deleted immediately.

II.3 Exclusion of liability
For economic, physical or immaterial damages any liability is rejected, which results from the use of the establishment of contact mediated with this service. Likewise, any liability for damages resulting from violations of rights by the data transmitted by the advertiser (in particular texts and images) is rejected.

II.4 Involvement of third parties
The operator is entitled to commission third parties with the provision of parts or the entire range of services of the portal.


III Severability clause
Should a provision of the General Terms of Use be or become invalid or should these be incomplete, the validity of the remaining components of gtc shall remain unaffected. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision that comes closest to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective provision in a legally effective manner. The same applies to any gaps in the gtcs.

IV. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law
Place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.